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Aromatic Blend Whole Leaf Tobacco:


Our Aged Whole Leaf Burley Tobacco is grown on our farm without use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. Just old fashioned 100% natural whole leaf tobacco. Packed in 1/2 lb. VACUUM SEALED packages. Allows you to grind your own Uppowoc smooth and mild Burley. 1/2 lb. package yields approximately one carton of cigarettes. Must be over 18 to purchase. Whole leaf unprocessed tobacco is an agricultural product. Free First Class shipping.


Tobacco Leaf Poster:

Unique 12" x 18" handcrafted poster with historical images and a real tobacco leaf. Laminated with hanger included for wall display. Quality USA workmanship.




Smoking Herb:


A specially prepared smoking herb without any nicotine, tobacco, or toxic additives. Fresh, delightful taste from organic grown Mallow herb, cured to perfection. "Shedded" texture for rolling cigarettes or for pipe. Can also be blended with regular tobacco to reduce nicotine proportionately. Contents will roll approximately 20 king size cigarettes. Free Priority Mail shipping.






Uppowoc "Tipi" Bird House:


Novel Wren and small bird dwelling. Hand crafted in Illinois, this Native American Indian replica is a beautiful home for small birds. Constructed from metal and hardwoods for durability. Native American color scheme of thunderbird, deer, sun and a turquoise "Dream catcher" 6-3/4" diameter base x 14" high. Free Priority Mail shipping.




The Genuine Tobacco Leaf Hat:


Skillfully hand crafted from our organically grown Burley tobacco leaves. Excellent Insect Repellent. Deters Mosquitoes, Flys and Ticks. Great looking on Him or Her and in one size that fits most adults. Rugged enough for daily wear. Hat and optional fine hardwood box made in USA. The Genuine Tobacco Leaf Hat is treated with a all natural vegetable based flame retardant. Free Priority Mail shipping.






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